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 Hi, I’m Julie, and I have a real passion for using psychology to help others.


After graduating from Plymouth University, I worked in the NHS for ten years which included training as a clinical psychologist. Depression and anxiety stopped me from completing my training, but this experience gave me unique insights into how I could work with others with mental health issues. I learned two important lessons. Firstly, there is still much we don’t know about mental health, and secondly, compassion and listening to people are key activities to facilitate change. 

My employment history includes managing disability and mental health support services in further education. A standout moment was the in-house coaching program which included being coached. I experienced the transformational benefits of coaching that focuses on future goals rather than staying stuck in the moment.

My vision for promoting good mental health in the workplace led me to set up my own business.  I’m now doing what I love and enjoy working with individuals and organisations to help them thrive.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym and walking. Practising what I preach I signed up with a personal trainer who has taught me that weightlifting is fun!


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Address: Lodway Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 2NR

Mobile:  07864 612 338     Landline: 0117 300 5651 

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